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Cordie Nicholas

Looking Beyond the Habit and Cassock

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Throw Back Picture of Cordie Nicholas
Throw back picture of Cordie Nicholas during her formation

Cordie Nicholas is an Ex Nun, now married with two wonderful children. Many years ago she joined the convent at the age of 19, though very naive, with a burning zeal to give up everything to become a Nun, her family gave her the support to discern her vocation. At the age of 32 she was asked to leave the convent.

She speaks directly from a heroic heart that has gone through pains, struggle, hope, light and fulfillment, with the mission to educate, support and create awareness especially for those who are thinking to become a Nun, Priest, or Brother, so they would have an informed choice and decision. She also has strong concern for those who are also thinking of coming out of the convent or noviciate and are struggling to make up their mind because of what the society would say about them.

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